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I bought the bundle i laughed all afternoon killing time well worth the dosh great work :)

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lol thanks!!

Hi the game isn't working on my phone, i have an android 13, when I start the game I see the unity symbol and then the game just exists after that. 

Do you only accept payment through PayPal? Because whenever I try to buy the game that's the only option that comes up.

Can you play this if you don't have a computer with the quest 2?


it can be played on the standalone quest 2. But you need a computer to install it on to it

I bought the game and played it.

It was very interesting.

I have two hopes.

One is the ability to save model settings.

The settings I have worked so hard to create are not reflected the next time I play.

The other is the ability to change the brightness of the room.

I can't see the female body if the shadowed areas are completely black.

This is a little disappointing.

Please, by all means, give us an update!

not bad ideas. I am curious why your is so dark though.

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Cum On Me!! It would be great if it could be as bright as.

Is it related to the flat shading value for the material?


it's the same model and lighting.....I'll fuck around with it this week. I'll probably just make it adjustable in the settings. As for the saving it will take me a lil bit longer but it is doable.

Thanks for your consideration! Looking forward to your update.

how do you set player Hight?

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just reset your view with the oculus menu button

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did that, was still out of the body almost looking over the walls. lol on pc version

are u using an oculus?


this is very odd, What oculus headset are you using?